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I help people set their goals, achieve them, manage their emotions and come up with their own solutions.

One-on-one online coaching جلسات الكوتشينج الفردية

Through one-on-one online coaching sessions, I help my clients grow as persons by becoming more self-aware. I believe that each person is unique and has the ability to come up with the solution that best fits them when asked the right questions.

My role as a coach is to provide a secure and safe place in which my clients are able to share their problems with me freely. Through my education and experience, I have accumulated the needed tools to assist my clients in their growth journey.

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من خلال جلسات التدريب الفردية عبر الإنترنت، أساعد عملائي على النمو كأشخاص من خلال أن يصبحوا أكثر وعيًا بذواتهم. أعتقد أن كل شخص فريد من نوعه ولديه القدرة على التوصل إلى الحل الذي يناسبه بشكل أفضل عندما نطرح عليه الأسئلة المناسبة

دوري كمدربة هو توفير مكان آمن حيث يتمكن عملائي من مشاركة مشاكلهم معي بحرية. من خلال تعليمي وخبرتي، قمت بتجميع الأدوات اللازمة لمساعدة عملائي في رحلة نموهم

هل تتساءل عما إذا كان التدريب هو ما تبحث عنه؟  احجز استشارة مجانية واحصل على المزيد من التفاصيل.

What my clients say about me

Group coaching/workshops ورشات عمل

Group coaching sessions provide the participants the space to learn, engage, and feel supported. They are always fun, engaging, and beneficial. 

Participants usually end up satisfied and willing to join other future workshops.

توفر جلسات التدريب الجماعية للمشاركين مساحة للتعلم والمشاركة والشعور بالدعم. فهي دائمًا ممتعة وجذابة ومفيدة

عادةً ما ينتهي الأمر بالمشاركين بالرضا والرغبة في الانضمام إلى ورش العمل المستقبلية الأخرى


How My Process Work

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After our free consultation you book your online coaching sessions.

Experience Your Growth

During our sessions together, you'll get the support needed to start with special tools tailored to your needs.

In general, the experience was well organized. I loved the interaction and preparations you made and how every point was meaningful and made with intention. The ideas became clearer and I felt more confident and improving.
The follow up is really important because I experienced something new. The documents you offered me helped a lot as well as your explanation. Thank you for your effort during and after the sessions.
Ranine bou chebel - owner of "ur choice", handmade earrings.