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Hi, I'm Ninette Abi Atallah

The creative world took part in my life before I was born. A story is the source of inspiration for my name, “Ninette,” and the reason for my grand passion for books and writing. 

I’m a women empowerment coach and IEMT practitioner. I help women regain self-confidence, overcome anxiety and stress, and become the best version of themselves

I believe each person is unique. And that deep inside, everyone has a power waiting to be unleashed.

"A script remains a script unless a director and his team bring it alive. Just as your ideas, they will remain only ideas until you put them into action."
Ninette Abi ATALLAH

What Are You Struggling With?

I imagine people like you might have difficulties in the following areas.

Turning Your Creative Ideas Into Smart Goals

Are you tired of feeling stuck and losing hope in your dream? What if you could find your motivation again and make it happen?!

Running Out Of Time

Learn to proceed with your project while having extra time for fun and yourself, and the most important criteria for efficient time management.

Deadline Stress And Worry

Learn to manage your stress and worries with easy-to-learn life skills to help you manage future stressors.

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What My Clients are Saying

My procrastination was getting the best of me. So, when it was time to study for my finals, I knew I needed help. And that was when Ninette saved me. Together, we went through a few coaching sessions aiming to the root of my procrastination. The bottom line is : I passed all my courses with little to no stress.
S. M
I want to thank you for your attention, effort and hard work that you have made with me during the past months. You have made me think in a more positive way, to love and take care of myself. Your support allowed me to overcome problems and ideas that I could not overcome on my own. I wish you success in your field of work and your whole life