The most beautiful things happen unexpectedly.

Find freedom, self-discovery, and love in a Korean drama, “Summer Strike.” 

I rarely write about movies/series, but I feel like it today. “Summer Strike,” I didn’t choose it intentionally; it chose me.

I asked my “K-drama expert” friend for her opinion of this drama. She said it was okay but didn’t finish the series. Even though I’m usually influenced by others’ views and especially hers. This time I wasn’t. I decided to give it a chance.

While watching this drama, I enjoyed it so much. The slow rhythm was so in tune with the topic of this series. The simplicity, the beauty, the mystery, and of course, the public library. I loved it.

Unlike the motivational series and movies, I usually watch. This drama was different. It shows the beauty of living a slow life where real connections and authentic friendships are made.

“Come here, I want to give you a hug.”

When the end is only the beginning

It started with the main character hitting her rock bottom. Her mother died, her boyfriend broke up with her, and she was miserable at her job, where everyone mistreated her.

One day, “fate” makes her take a different road. It led her to “freedom” and “self-discovery.”

In my talks, I often encourage people to define their own success and let go of the old ones. Yet, I never thought that success might look this simple. I fell in love with this series, not because of the plot or complicated things but because of the peace you feel once you watch it. The same peace you feel on a beautiful summer night.

Growing up, we follow the rules to accomplish the right thing at the right time. But things sometimes happen differently than we imagine. We grow up thinking that to attain happiness, we must find the right partner, job, live in the most beautiful house, etc.

Yet, in reality, we find happiness in the simplest things, like the smile of a child, the softness of the wind, a beautiful piece of music, or an unplanned trip or outing.

The most beautiful things happen unexpectedly.

Ninette Abi Atallah

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