For A Non-Typical Girl, An Untypical Choice is Correct.

Week #5

I love sleeping inside Dali’s painting.

 We all have dreams. A minority work on transforming those dreams into goals and, therefore, a reality. These minorities are leaders, influencers, creatives, and change makers. We love to hear their success stories. Our eyes become wild open, and our hearts beat with hope.

 They did it! Maybe I… but…

 Success is a popular term that should be re-defined. We’ve been used to defining success and relating it to specific criteria, like job status, annual income, marital status, etc.

Each should have a unique definition of success.

In their books “Barking up the wrong tree” and “The multi-hyphen method”, Eric Barker and Emma Gannon mention the importance of having our own definition of success.

I watched a Korean series lately about young people in their late 20s having unique dreams. What was beautiful in this series was that the goals of these characters didn’t follow societal expectations. They followed their calling regardless of what other people might think.

“Ae-ra”: two job interviews and one choice. 

“Ae-ra” is a Korean girl who loves to speak with a microphone. At the beginning of her twenties, she worked a regular job to make a living. She did not attend a fancy college; she doesn’t have a master’s degree. All she had was her passion and talent for speaking behind a microphone.

What made “Ae-ra” special also was her personality. Her personality is bold. She is also intelligent and ruse. She can use another guy’s expectation of a girl being physically weak, for example, to beat him up and defend her boyfriend, who doesn’t need her protection. But that’s how those two expressed their love in that series.

At the end of the series, “Ae-ra” works as an MMA presenter. She had two job interviews held simultaneously, one as a tv anchor and the second as an MMA presenter. Logic says she should apply for the first, yet her personality and skills fit perfectly with the second.

She is bold, courageous, and passionate. For a non-typical girl, an untypical choice is correct. 

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Ninette Abi Atallah

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