A Sign To Share Your Writings With The World

It’s incredible how your written words reflect your feelings, even when someone cannot see you directly. Even if that someone lives miles away, he can still feel the emotions behind your words and grasp a part of who you really are. That’s the act of reading with love.

The Relationship between the writer and the reader

It’s always about words. Whether you’re the writer or the reader, this anonymous exchange that happens is magical. When reading, you get to know the writer. You step into his world of thoughts and imagination; you meet him through his writings, even if he’s no longer alive. Words challenge the law of space and time.

In the beginning, my urge to write was very personal. I needed to express myself, and words were my way to do so. I didn’t think about what I was writing. I just did. I never thought about what anyone would think about my writings as well. I simply wrote.

But things changed, and when I got complimented for my words. The “I” became very involved that I pressured myself to write the “right” thing. 

The Writer’s Relationship with his writings

My relationship with writing is like any kind of relationship. It goes through its ups and downs. Sometimes everything is fantastic, you have all the answers and know what to do next, and sometimes you don’t. But you’ll try your best to make it work when you care enough.

If you have something you need to say, do it. If you have the desire to share, do it. Whether it’s a personal opinion, a piece of beneficial information, or an imaginative story… do it.

Share yourself with the world. You never know who you are inspiring and who’s looking for what you alone can write about.

I encourage you to write and share your talent with the world.

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