Three Ways to Increase Your Creativity.

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The world is changing fast and you must start improving now!

Creativity is a muscle we need to stretch. Unlike the popular thought of “working hard to attain something”, creativity cannot be forced. It is a subtle energy that needs to be unleashed softly.
Unlocking your creativity is attainable through three easy steps.

1- Play Like A Child

One of many things I admire in this life is watching a child play. A child’s mentality is simple. With or without a toy, playing is always an available option to take whenever needed.
I always enjoy playing with my nephews, coming up with imaginary scenarios and scenes, coloring, and playing hide-and-seek! It doesn’t matter where or when. Playing is easy, you only need to tap into your inner child.

From my last visit to an amusement park.

2- Go Out And Try Something New

For so many years, I had the habit to visit the same restaurants and order the same food until I decided to challenge myself and try new stuff. We can Go out of our comfort zones through small daily actions. At first, it feels uncomfortable but it becomes rewarding afterward.
Inspiration may come out of small things. It doesn’t have to be a big adventure like traveling to Hawaii, Even though it could be a good idea.
But small changes also are counted.

3- Meditate And Practice Mindfulness.

Our mind is busy and bombarded with thousands of ideas daily from social media and regular life. To clear your mind, meditating and practicing mindfulness is a great idea, instead of becoming detached from reality and jumping from one idea to another. Clearing the clutter and focusing on the breath is a great way and an outstanding routine to be adapted whenever you want to start the creative process.

Are you applying any of the three ideas? If not, choose one and start applying it during the upcoming 24 hours.

“Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.”

Robin Sharma

Ninette Abi Atallah

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