My Writing Journey

What’s A Character Study, And Why Is It Important?

After I finished my bachelor’s degree in Audio Visual Arts, I wanted to become a screenwriter. I was attending training in screenwriting to enhance my skills, and that’s when I decided I wanted to study psychology. How psychology and writing can relate? Life doesn’t have one aspect; believe it or not, all majors intersect. From …

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Ten Ways To Train Your Imagination

I love it when I sit down at my table, holding my pen and seeing the words flowing nonstop. It feels at that moment that my pen is faster than my mind and faster than the clock. It also seems that all is left is me, my pen, the light of the sun dancing on the sound of music playing in the background, and my hourglass froze in time.
After I shared with you in my last post my desire to write a book, it’s time to share how this desire manifests through an action plan.
Let’s plant a seed. How to come up with an idea for a book?