Barking Up The Wrong Tree

I purchased this book during a book fair where a life coach was selling her books to move into a new location. I remembered that I had “Barking Up The Wrong Tree” on my “to-read list” years ago but never got the chance to read it.

Written by Eric Barker, this book was initially released in 2017 and has sold over half a million copies, been translated into 19 languages, and became The Wall Street Journal Bestseller.

The First Chapter got me hooked! 

While reading this book, I noticed Barker’s writing style that combines knowledge, wisdom, and humour. At the end of each chapter, I wanted to turn the page and continue to the next one.

The real stories barker’s told are engaging and allow you to picture the scenes vividly, laugh, and come up with the lesson yourself.  

Consider the people we’re all envious of who can confidently pick something, say they’re going to be excellent at it, and then calmly go and actually be excellent at it. This is their secret: “They’re not good at everything, but they know their strengths and choose things that are a good fit.”

Barking Up The Wrong Tree – Eric Barker

Positive Psychology and the concept of futility

While reading the book, you’ll learn about different aspects of success backed up by science, among which is the study of Pavlovian conditioning that led to a new theory by Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology.   

Whether you’re a fan of this theory or not. Positive Psychology is a science, and the examples cited following this theory are enough to convince of the writer’s point of view.

The Long-Term Effect of The book

I’m writing this blog after months of reading “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”, yet I can still recall the general idea behind the book and many real stories I read that inspired me, like the fearless woman.

This book talks about “success” and is in itself a big success. It encourages me to read the author’s latest release, “Plays Well With Others”, a book about finding the route towards more fulfilling friendships, love, and community.

Ninette Abi Atallah

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