Important: Remember this when Setting Goals

At the beginning of each year, I buy a new notebook to reflect on the past year and set new goals. I love making a list of the things I achieved. It gives me a sense of fulfillment and confidence to achieve my future goals.

This year I also added a list of the things I tried for the first time

The beautiful thing about goals is that we always come up with new ones, which result in our progress in life.

Wheel of life

Life consists of career, relationships, health, mental health, fun and activities, finance… Our focus and satisfaction regarding certain areas change over the years, yet it is essential to keep a balance between them to be happy.

I remember that at a certain period of my life, I put all my focus on my education at the expense of everything else, like my physical health, mental health, relationships, activities, and so on. That didn’t end up well.

The late Paul J. Mayer initially created the “Wheel of life” concept in 1960. It is popular today among life coaches and people who work in the self-development field.

Prioritizing our goals

Contrary to popular opinion, we can get everything we want with time.

Let’s say you want to learn new languages, have a healthy body, study for your university degree, start your own business, get married, and so on.

Having everything we want at the same time would be chaotic that we won’t even get the time to enjoy them.

Ask yourself: “What’s the most important for me now? And what’s less important?” Categorize your goals and know how to divide your attention.

Feel free to use this example as a guide.

“Consider the people we’re all envious of who can confidently pick something, say they’re going to be awesome at it, and then calmly go and actually be awesome at it. This Is their secret: They are not good at everything, but they know their strengths and choose things that are a good fit”

Eric Barker, Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

The danger of not prioritizing

Setting too many goals and not achieving them would give us the impression that we are failures, and we may end up neglecting important aspects of our lives, like our health or the people we love, without noticing.

We might want to be best at everything to feel good about ourselves, forgetting that the things we do and how much we excel at them don’t define our worth. We are worthy no matter what.  

Ninette Abi Atallah

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