“Logos hope”, the floating book fair visiting Lebanon.

I have you covered if you’re wondering where to spend a delightful time with your kids this Christmas.

On 20 and 21st of December 2022, “Logos Hope” presents a Christmas show about the Christmas sounds from around the world on their ship at Beirut Port.

“Logos hope” is an international ship sharing knowledge, help, and hope through literature and cultural events. It is the largest floating book fair that travels the world and remains at each port for about two weeks, and guess what? They are currently in Lebanon.

Meet the World

I went on the ship last Saturday; the visitors were so many. I went first to the book fair. Various books are in different languages, and I especially noticed a great collection of kids’ books. And then, I enjoyed watching the show they presented, which showcased the beauty of different cultures.

The staff was friendly, and I loved the vibes there. The entrance fees to the ship are very affordable. Visit their page on Instagram to know more.

Ninette Abi Atallah

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