“Eliana’s Art Club” Art Exhibition: A new generation of artists

What if instead of hoping for a better future, we create one, and instead of addressing the younger generation helplessly saying:” hope you live better days than ours”, we pave the way?

You can still be an active change agent even if you’re only a citizen with no governing power. As a parent, a teacher, an employee, a business owner… you can decide to become a better role model for children and teens, feeding them hope and optimism.

On the 10th and 11th of December 2022, I attended Eliana’s art club exhibition held at Zalka, and the drawings of her students of all ages amazed me.

“Virginie Kolanjian”, a 55-year-old woman, presented many remarkable paintings full of classiness, peace, and softness. I was impressed by her work and living proof that age is just a number and we’re never too late to enhance our skills and talents.

I adored seeing the paintings of different styles hung on the walls, and what was remarkable was the appreciation each artist had for his fellow artist’s work.

It’s hard to choose one best painting because they are all beautiful, but I would love to feature this lovely painting by “Luna el Maiis” because it represents my beloved Lebanon.

Another painting I liked was by “Yasmina Rtail”, which reminded me of “Bigs eyed” paintings by Margaret Keane.

16 students participated in this art exhibition and showed great potential and arising generation of influential artists: Perla atwi, Virginie kolanjian, Serna Medawar, Wilma Al Ahmar, Leroy Al Ahmar, Tala Hasna, Yasmina Rtail, Karen Al hajj, Perla Atwi, Clara Atwi, Luna Al Mais, Nour Rajha, Naya Rajha, Charbel Nassar, Yara Al Sayed, Jad Al Sayed, Elsa Abou Karam.

This event happened thanks to the Lebanese artist Eliana Morr who transformed two rooms in her house in Beirut and Zahle into “art ateliers” to welcome children and adults and help them unlock their creativity. 

Eliana is very passionate about life and art making. Art is not only an activity, as she stresses, and there’s a big difference between an artist and a painter.

With Eliana, you not only learn the drawing technique, but you also get to experience yourself and discover your own artistic style.

Eliana is an active agent of change, spreading the importance of art among the younger generation and as an essential tool for changing and building better societies.

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Ninette Abi Atallah

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  1. Wow Ninette!!!!! thank you for taking the time to write this amazing article. I appreciate each single note you mentioned and wrote down. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I assure you that now you also helped to spread art from a high cultural angle.
    I’m really speechless.

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