An uncompleted checklist from last year. 

As you know already, I have this thing for notebooks. I love to collect them, write on them, and keep them around. From time to time, I like to read my old notes, check what book titles I left to read later, blog post ideas, quotes from books… 

This time I found something nice: “an uncompleted checklist of 35 blog posts.”

When I decided to blog, I surfed the internet, asking “google” for tips and advice. I found a good video for a famous Youtuber in which he said that it is essential to set a target number of how many videos you want to make and to do it right away. And that’s where my list of 35 blog posts came from. 

My uncompleted list of blog posts

Whether you’re ready or not, start. 

I don’t wholly agree with this statement, and I hate to give a piece of random advice that you might misuse or generalize in some areas of your life where it is not applicable.

Whether you’re ready or not, start “practicing”. We all want to be the best in something yet to become, so we need practice and feedback. 

The more we do something, the more we get better at doing it by adjusting and correcting the things that don’t work well and repeating what did work.

And what works for someone doesn’t necessarily have to work with you. 

It’s important to keep a notebook with you if you want to become a writer.

In the case of blogging, starting even if you don’t feel ready is good advice. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog in English or Arabic. I wasn’t sure about the topics I would tackle, the right platform for me, if anyone would read or not, and how often I should post.

Once I set up my blog, I started to post, and then I found that I could change the layout, so I kept doing it, and from one category emerged two different ones, and people started to read. My own judgement was essential, and people’s opinions were as well. Are they reading? Are they interacting? What post did they like the most? 

I don’t always reach my goals, and It’s okay.

It was in 2020 that I set the goal of blogging, and I didn’t reach it because I set so many goals all at once and didn’t prioritize. But I didn’t forget about it and came again to it and made it happen. 

Setting measurements for your goal is crucial to keep track of your progress and building confidence. 

Even though this advice is essential and beneficial, you are the only one to decide whether it applies to your case. You can’t start selling your products right now, for example if you haven’t bought them yet. You need the bare minimum. 

I love setting goals, achieving them, and teaching others how to set them. That’s why I made a fun interactive, and creative course to teach you how to set specific and smart goals. You can register from the link below. 

Ninette Abi Atallah.

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