Achieve your goals with gigantic music playing in the background. 

I used to think I had to become a superhuman with extraordinary powers and skills to achieve my goals. I imagined it would happen overnight with gigantic music playing in the background in a Hollywood movie style. (Or is it Bollywood? Nevermind…)

With time, I understood that life wasn’t as complicated as I imagined and that achieving my goals wasn’t that hard.

I can achieve my goal!

After guiding my clients to set their goals, I usually offer them an additional sheet entitled “I can achieve my goals.” It is a reminder in which the person gathers all the reasons why he can achieve his goal in one place. In addition to the most crucial question of all: “what can I do in the upcoming 24 hours to help me move closer toward my goal.” 

An essential ingredient that is rarely discussed.

If we keep our goal in mind and ask ourselves daily what step we can take in the 24 hours and go and do it, in no time, we’ll see ourselves progressing toward the goal. And there’s something underrated or rarely discussed: the progress toward our goal is as rewarding and even more than achieving the goal itself.

Grab your notebook, and start writing your story, goals, desires and, more importantly, your progress. Each progress counts. Give credit to yourself and celebrate. Don’t wait for others to celebrate you.

You deserve the best in life with the music of your choice playing in the background.

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Ninette Abi Atallah 

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