I see love in “Strength.”

Last week I asked you to write the first word that came into your mind and promised to use it in my next post.

The words were: “love”, “Strength“, and “Eye“. I allowed myself to transform the word “eye” and use its function to create a complete sentence full of deep meanings.

Love is more than just a feeling.
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Starting with strength

Usually, when we think about strength, we assume all about logic and deny our emotions. Yet, this assumption is only partially valid. 

On mother’s day, I cannot but think of women and how they embody strength in a whole different way. 

Take, for example, pregnancy. Allowing a child to grow in your womb for nine months takes a lot of strength and courage. It’s not something easy to do. Physically speaking and emotionally.

Life is not a movie. It’s much more than that.

Movies portray life as a fairytale that we get to live after marriage, yet the reality is far from that. Life is sometimes complicated, even though we wish it weren’t.

Life is full of ups and downs, full of moments where we feel like flying from joy, others where we’d rather disappear, and others where

our feelings range between those extremes.

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Life is a journey and an endless opportunity for growth.

We might think that we’ll reach perfection at some point. Yet, perfection is not attainable. We’ll never become free of flaws. We’ll never stop making mistakes professionally and in our relationships with others. Considering that as a fact, what we can do is start to practise acceptance. 

Accepting and allowing are two significant concepts I will explain later in future posts. 

Love is more than the romantic aspect of it. 

I see love in the word “strength”. 

When we speak about love, we tend to focus on the romantic aspect of it, yet love is much more than that. And the love we experience at the beginning of a relationship is nothing compared to the deepness we experience as we move through it. The relationship becomes an opportunity to move through our limitations and become conscious of our unconscious patterns and old conditioning.

There’s an Arabic proverb that says: كل إناء ينضح بما فيه,” which translates: “the pot exudes what is in it.” And here, allow me to present my interpretation of this proverb.

Many influencers, coaches, and therapists encourage us to love ourselves. And to some, loving ourselves is something difficult to comprehend. 

What does self-love mean? 

Real strength comes from the source of love; otherwise, it is pseudo-strength.

How can you take care of others? If you don’t take care of yourself: physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Strength is not holding your emotions. It is expressing them in healthy ways.

Strength is not ignoring your pain. It’s paying attention to it and thinking of a way to soothe it.

Strength is paying attention to your needs and, therefore, fulfilling them. 

A surgeon cannot perform his surgery while feeling sick, afraid of the blood, and unsure of himself. We cannot trust him in our lives.

The same applies to us. How can we take care of others while not caring for ourselves first?

Ninette Abi Atallah

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